Le Home Franchimontois CPAS in Theux / Belgien

Homeowners are often faced with the problem of the ideal location for mounting their solar collectors. Car ports are being considered s an option more frequently, as they offer a visually appealing roof integration, and keep the main roof free. Furthermore, the car port solar system has two uses: the roofed garage solution provides ideal covering for vehicles and offers the house long-term environmentally-friendly generation of energy for domestic hot water and space heating.  The old age home “Le Home Franchimontois CPAS Theux” has been relying on the car port for cost-effective hot water for 55 rooms since 2010.

A solar system with a surface area of 54 m² next to the old age home in Theux in Belgium provides the hot water for showers and baths for approximately 60 people.  The TiSUN on-roof collectors cover around 60 percent of the domestic hot water requirement of the occupants.  The daily domestic hot water demand of the home is approximately 1500 litres.  The thermal storage of the system comprises a stratified Pro-Clean cylinder of 1000 litres and two 1000 litre buffer cylinders.