Detached house in Rossens, Switzerland

One year ago 30,4 m2 large scale collectors FI were installed in the roof of the modern, facing south-west detached house in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In the 30° tiled roof two pieces 3x3 m2 and two pieces 2x3 m2 large in-roof collectors were implemented. The installation with the mobile crane took only one day. “We consciously have chosen the TiSUN large scale collector. Those collectors are manufactured in a single unit and less connections are required. There are no heat losses through thermal bridges. Another plus is the visually attractive integration. The roof is perfectly isolated.” says the host. Impressive efficiency, long life, low heat losses and 10 years warranty are also advantages of the large scale collector.

The TISUN solar stratified tank Pro-Clean® with 1,000 liters capacity and the TiSUN backup tank PS with 1,000 liters capacity collect the sun heat of the whole day in the cellar. The solar system provides the house and the integrated workshop with the daily needed domestic hot water. Additionally the solar system heats the 55 m3 large swimming pool. The host monitors, controls and optimizes the whole system with the TiSUN solar station SSRH 50. The host save in one year approx. 23,000 kWh, 2,750 liters oil or 8,5 tons CO2. “We kill three birds with one TiSUN solar system. We have enough domestic hot water, a heated pool and relieve the oil radiator. Furthermore we reduce costs and ease the burden on the environment.” sums up the host.