Public indoor swimming pool in Madrid, Spain

The inhabitants of Azuqueca de Henares near Madrid have been swimming in solar heated swimming pool for the past few weeks. The roof space of the local indoor swimming pool is very limited and the solar installer, Rogelio Moya of TMC in Guadalajara, Madrid, decided to implement TiSUN Large-Scale solar collectors.He wanted quality collectors, that would offer high solar coverage and a large collector surface area in a very small footprint. “Apart from these challenges, I also had to take the architect’s aesthetic wishes into account. 

TiSUN Large-Scale collectors are very effective, and can be installed by crane, quickly and in any weather conditions. Once the A-frame had been installed, the three-man team lifted the collectors onto the swimming pool roof in less than four hours.  The team from TMC then quickly completed the hydraulic connections.

With the installation of this solar system, the Azuqueca de Henares swimming pool will achieve savings of 70% of its annual energy bills.