Balconies – an underestimated space for solar collectors

TiSUN installed on the balcony of a detached house two large FA collectors. The 12m2 large area collectors were supplied to the 2-person household with the purpose of supplying domestic hot water. The solar system is orientated in a Southwesterly direction and mounted on 60°customized support frames. The storage  tanks were already installed. All that was required was a SSR 25 solar station and expansion vessel to provide functionality to the solar system. The TiSUN mounting team installed the 2 collectors quickly and without complications with a mobile crane. 

The installation of a solar system on a balcony has many advantages: Balconies are normally located on the sunniest sides of the house. The heavy inclination of the collectors assists the system in providing energy all season round. Due to the height of the sun in sky during summer less of the suns’ rays hit the collectors - this prevents overheating of the system. During the winter months the sun sits at a lower angle in the sky -  this optimizes the operation of the collector during the Winter months. On sunny winter days the solar system can supply domestic hot water and the heating system at a very high level of efficiency.