Largest solar project in Greece built on Austrian technology

The Peloponnese in Greece is among the sunniest regions in Europe but when it comes to the usage of solar energy, the Southeast European peninsula relies on technology developed in the Tyrolean Alps. The Austrian solar expert TiSUN is currently implementing the largest solar project in Greece. From the beginning of July 2013, the solar systems "made in Austria" will cover about two-thirds of the ideal hot water needs of the Hospital of Kalamata.

"More than 35,000 liters of water are needed in the clinic of the port city Kalamata daily. With almost 600 m² collector and seven Pro-Clean stratified tanks with a total storage capacity of 45,000 liters, in the summer months this requirement is almost completely by the TiSUN solar system. The annual solar fraction is over 70%", explains the responsible TISUN partner Andrianos Georgios, the efficiency of the solar thermal system. The solar system should be put into operation in just a few weeks.