Detached house in Cyprus, Greece / Aesthetics combined in form and color

At the first sight there seems to be no difference between the 290 m2 large detached house in Cyprus and other new buildings of its kind. But there is an interesting detail which makes the difference and the detached house to a real unicum.  During the planning period the five-member family decided to integrate a TiSUN solar system with TiSUN FA on-roof large area collectors. The family realized an individual solution with TiSUN customized collectors. The unique solar system is adjusted to the roof in form and color. Both of the customized collectors with a total surface area with 12,58 m2 were constructed and manufactured in the TiSUN Headquarter in Söll. In the whole process the engineers of TISUN were sure of the support of the Cypriot sales partner Solar B.E.S.T. Ltd. The TiSUN solar stratified tank Pro-Clean® with 1,000 liters capacity collects the sun heat of the whole day. The solar system covers 100% of the domestic hot water demand. Additionally the system supports the underfloor heating. Due the optimized energy system, the family saves 50% of the gas costs.